"The network solution that provides just that, solution".

                                                        - Joseph M. Haines, RCDD
"The Network Solution That Provides Just That, Solution"


Company Equipment:

24' Enclosed Fiber/Copper Splice Trailer
10,000 lbs. Hydraulic Cable Reel Trailer
20' Multiple Cable Reel Trailer
Alcoa Fujikura FSM 40S Fusion Splicer (scheduled for update 2012)
EXFO FTB 300 OTDR (scheduled for update 2012)
Corning SM/MM Launch Boxes
Corning Cable Systems Fiber Termination Kit - (3)
Agilent Wirescope 350 Network Tester
Agilent MM/SM Power Meter/Light Source
Fluke DTX-1800 Network Tester
Brady TLS2200 Thermal  Labeling System
Arnco TM 361/TM 300 Hydraulic Cable  Placement System
Condux Pneumatic Rodding System and Accessories
Condux 1,000' Fiberglass Duct Rodder
Condux - Complete Package Blocks, Shoes, Cable Guide, Etc.
Pelsue Confined Space Ventilators - (2)
Buckingham Man Retrieval System - (2 Complete Sets)
Industrial Scientific TMX-412/SP-402 Gas Detector/Sampling Pump
3M MS2 Copper Splicing Kit
Condux Ariel Lasher and Additional Ariel Blocks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
An assortment of Tools from Pop Up Tents, Generators, CCTV Test Equipment, Hand Drills, Core Drills, Heaters and all types of Installation Tools needed to perform all types of Telecommunications Work. 

Interior Cabling for Voice, Data, Video and Fiber:

     •  Cat-5e/6/6A, Coaxial, Both Single and Multimode Fiber
     •  CATV, CCTV and Camera Systems
     •  Audio/Video Teleconferencing Systems
     •  Telephone and Voicemail Systems by NEC
     •  Wireless
     •  Network Testing/Certification
     •  Installation, Termination, Testing and Documentation of all cable types.

Outside Plant:

     •  Underground Excavation and Placement of Conduit, Innerduct and Manhole Construction
     •  Fiber Optic and Copper Placement
     •  Ariel Placement for both Fiber and Copper
     •  High Pair Count Copper Termination and Splicing (3M MS2 Splice System)
     •  Singlemode/Multimode Fiber Termination and Splicing (Both Fusion and Mechanical)
     •  OTDR and Power Meter/Light Source Testing and Documentation

Residential Installations:

     •  Smart Home Technologies
     •  Structured Wiring  (Home/Home Office Networks)
     •  Distributed Audio - Inside and Outside (Whole House Music)
     •  Distributed Video Systems (Television, Camera and Monitor)
     •  Intercom, Small Office/Home Office Phone Systems
     •  Lighting and Environmental Control Systems with Security Integration
     •  Wireless
     •  Dealer - OnQ/Legrand Home Systems
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